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                Job : Process Design Engineer

                Recruitment targets: Process Design Engineer Number: 5
                Salary: Negotiable  Location: Yangzhou
                Detailed requirements: full-time college education, more than 3 years experience in metal mold design process. Skilled use of UG, Catia, pro / e, AotoForm, Dynaform, PamStamp; familiar with the structure design; individually design and process for part of medium difficulty to mode. design experience or spoken and written English is preferred.


                Job: Design Engineer

                Recruitment targets: Design Engineer  Number: 6
                Salary: Negotiable Location: Yangzhou
                Detailed requirements: mechanical or tooling college education. more than two years of relevant work experience of metal stamping die (more than 1 year structural design and process design experience more than one year), the familiar metal stamping die production process. Skilled use of UG, CAD, AotoForm, Think3 and other related design software; knowledge of metal stamping die, familiar with mechanical processing, steel machining.


                Job: Assembly tool maker

                Recruitment targets: Assembly Number: Several
                Salary: Negotiable  Location: Yangzhou
                Detailed requirements: More than three years of progressive die experience, familiar mold structure, able to work on tryout and assembly individually.



                Contact: Miss Gao
                ADD: No.66A, pangu industrial zone, liuji town, yangzhou city, jiangsu province, china
                TEL: 0514-83919165
                FAX: 0514-83919166
                E-MAIL: alex@yzdtm.com